How to Play HEAD TO HEAD

How to play HEAD TO HEAD

Optimize your squad

The Head to Head mode is a quick and easy way to play ADRENALYN XL™. You can start playing right away by using your existing ADRENALYN XL™ squad.

After some matches you might want to optimize your squad towards the special game rules of this mode: When playing the Head to Head mode only your goalkeeper and all of your field players will be used - the subs will be out of the match and your squad's formation is irrelevant too.

Each player card has three different values: attack, defense and game control. Sometimes the sum of these three values is also important. When you add player cards to your virtual binder in the online game, you can use them in both Classic and Head to Head modes.

The match

Start of the match

In each match, two players compete against each other. Each player starts with the goalie and all ten field players in hand. The opponent's cards remain concealed.

Match rounds

  • At the beginning of each round, the computer determines which card value has to be used by each player: If one player must “attack”, the other player must “defend”. If "game control" is selected, both players have to use it.
  • After that, both players pick a card from their hand to play. You can’t see which card your opponent picked at this moment. In this phase of the match you have to be careful, because the time is limited, and a correction is not possible. When a player is too slow and the time runs out, the computer chooses a card randomly.
  • As soon as both players have chosen their card, the cards are revealed for both players and the previously determined card values are compared. The player who has placed the card with the higher value gets one point. In the event that the compared card values are equal, all values of each card are summed up and then compared.
  • In case this comparison also results in a tie, the round is considered a draw.

End of match

The match ends after a maximum of 11 rounds, as each player plays exactly one card in each round. A maximum of one point can be scored in each round. If a player leads uncatchable, the game is automatically ended. In addition, any of the players can give up early.